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Bacon, Love, & Tomatoes

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Sweet as Shortcake

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My motto is Live Your Adventure! I try to abide by that philosophy and live my life to the fullest every second. I've jumped out of planes, flown in the backseat of an F-15, gone to pilot training, been an engineer in the Air Force, studied satellites and radars, lived all over the US and in England, and survived the greatest adventure of all, motherhood. Other than my wonderful husband and four beautiful daughters, the highlight of my life was hanging out of the back of a Black Hawk helicopter flying 100ft over the treetops at night. 

Writing provides its own kind of adventure where I can mix my life experiences with my own imagination and create whole new worlds. I love to read all sorts of genres and I'm always involved in several writing projects that reflect my varied tastes. Currently, I'm working on a few Young Adult novels (Soulless Series) as well as a Sweet and Clean Romance series (Cupid's Cafe Series). I'd love for you to join me on my author journey. Come step out of your world and into mine to see what adventures I have waiting for you.



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